Past articles

Feb 22 2006 - 3:44am

We are at a crossroads where many of the technologies currently in use and under consideration have the potential to threaten basic notions of human equality and human rights

Dec 26 2005 - 10:35am

I believe that a human rights framework would help us analyze, strategize and link the various aspects of the complex issue of trafficking together.

Nov 29 2005 - 12:56am

The pimps who are trafficking young women and girls on the street in the U.S. have a great marketing tool: the media.

Nov 8 2005 - 4:55am

The voices of women of color and those from the global South have added
greater depth and knowledge to our understanding of trafficking.

Oct 18 2005 - 7:58pm

How do you tell this kind of story, truthfully and realistically, without making it too painful and relentless for the audience?

Sep 13 2005 - 12:03am

A sense of outrage is the key thing we need to cause a resurgence of organizing to win back our human rights.

Jul 29 2005 - 10:05am

When women are threatened, violated, suppressed, and destroyed, so is life itself.

Dec 31 1999 - 11:25pm

Female donors now have the means, but they're still not as willing as men to part with their money